Hairstyles Inspirations at New York Fashion Week 2019

In addition to displaying various collections of fashion and fashion that will become the next trend, fashion lovers who come on the Fashion Week event always look up from hair to feet. Likewise the supermodels are the main figures on the runway. Week fashion is a parameter that is always awaited by fashion trends and hair. The following are some of Femalinea’s favorite hairstyles at the 2019 New York Fashion Week

  1. Sci-fi bob


Instead of choosing the usual short haircut, you can try sci-fi bob. This haircut is typical, concerning the broken layer between the front and back hairs.

  1. Blunt lob


For the choice of shoulder length bob hair, the flat bob model is a classic choice that has never diminished in popularity.

  1. 80’s curly hair 


One of the distinctive features of the 80’s is large hair. The bigger, the merrier. It’s never too late to try it now. If your hair is naturally curly, give it a modern touch by setting it side swept.

  1. Variations in blonde hair


If you and your friends have similar hairstyles, there’s nothing wrong with appearing ‘uniform’ when attending an event. We are sure you will be the center of attention on the location!

  1. Glass hair


Not only skin glass is popular, but also glass hair. The appearance of shiny hair that is neatly arranged. To get this hairstyle is easy. Make sure the hair is neatly plugged and then wipe the hair vitamins to add luster to the hair. So stylish ladies!

  1. Knotted ponytail


Ponytail or ponytail is one of the classic styles that has many variations. In order not to look too plain, you can try combining it with accents of knots or knots.

  1. Rockabilly up-do


Our next recommendation is an up-do variation that you can make a party haircut. The style is unique, edgy, and suitable for various hair types. So rock guys!

  1. Bouffant ponytail


The next choice of Femalinea is a combination of bouffant and high ponytail. Adding volume to the top of the hair can be a solution to outsmart thin hair. So simple right!

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