6 Monochromatic Fashion Style Inspirations For Women

June 24, 2019

Monochromatic clothing is when you apply one color with a variety of shades that are still in a theme. Suppose you choose black in your clothing, you can use other colors that are similar to dark gray, light gray, and white. You can follow some of the following tips and tricks to make your monochromatic fashion cool

  1. Use layering


Apply the layering technique in your outfit. Wear various items in your look like, scarves, long-cardigans, or blazers. Wearing layers of clothing will give a unique and high-fashion impression.

  1. Pair with neutral colors


If you don’t have a lot of fashion items with matching colors, you can use neutral colors as a counterweight. Use neutral colors like black, white, and brown, according to the color theme you choose. If you have worn tops and subordinates with tones, pair them with white or light brown shoes.

  1. Dare to play with sharp and bright colors


For you who want to look attractive and unique, experiment with sharp and bright colors as your fashion style statement. You can choose colors according to your personality. If you have a strong and dominant personality, usually you will choose and like the color red.

  1. Experiment with textures and patterns


The combination of texture and pattern will make your appearance more playful. Textures can be obtained from clothes you choose, such as wool, denim, jeans, satin, and various other materials. One of the simplest styles is combining a blue sweater made of wool with denim jeans that are generally blue.

  1. Minimize the use of accessories


Don’t be afraid to look boring even if the color you choose seems soft and pale like nude or white. Just choose one color as a statement and apply it to your appearance to have a clean-look that makes people focus when you see your appearance.

  1. Selection of makeup make-up


Your monochromatic style will be more perfect by choosing the appropriate make-up palette. If you use a skin-colored outfit like brown or nude, wear makeup with matching colors so that your appearance looks soft, simple, but still elegant.

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