Cool Ways Use Boyfriend Jeans For Women

All girls must have boyfriend jeans on it. Besides being cool when worn, this item can also be combined with feminine items such as high heels. Here are some inspiration for using boyfriend jeans for women.

  1. Balance between boyish and girly touches


Wearing jeans that seem masculine combined with something feminine makes the look more stylish. For example wearing a boyfriend jeans combined with a pink blazer and high heels.

  1. Give various combinations


It doesn’t look too sexy and doesn’t really look tomboy too. Wearing a boss that accentuates the curves of the body or it can be a perfect pair for a loose pair of jeans.

  1. Make your shoes stand out


Cropped boyfriend jeans can make your appearance look more perfect. Especially with these pants you can show off your cool and prominent shoes or high heels.

  1. Use something that stands out to cover simplicity


Worried that wearing oversized sweaters makes your appearance look more worn? Try wearing an oversized sweater covered in sequins. Voila! Your appearance is getting cool!

  1. All basic outfit plus attractive accessories


Again, want a simple all outfit but don’t want to look ordinary? Try wearing attractive accessories such as patterned scarves, fancy sunglasses or fancy high heels. You can also use three if you want.

  1. Denim on denim.


Denim on denim is equally fashionable compared to other styles. You can also mix with white boots and silk scarves that make your appearance more perfect.

  1. Try wear white pants


There are many kinds of jeans, some models are torn and some are faded. But, wearing white jeans also makes your appearance stand out in the midst of the crowd.

  1. Pair with items made from fur and skin


Pair your boyfriend jeans with fur and leather items. With these two materials, your look will be more stylish and fashionable.

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