Fashion Style Inspirations for Make You Taller

To keep look trendy, short girls must be smart in combining outfits. In addition, you who have a short body must have certain fashion items that must be in the closet. Do you want to know these items? Check it out!

  1. Platform shoes


This one item must be on your shoe rack, you know girls. Compared to stilettos, platform shoes with anklet straps and wide-heeled rights will give your body a high-looking effect. It’s so simple right!

  1. Wide-leg trouser


Talking about how to look tall, why don’t you try wearing wide-leg pants with platform heels? Wearing wide-leg cut trousers and automatic platform heels will give the illusion of long and tall legs. So cool guys!

  1. Flared jeans pants


Jeans with the bottom width you must also have. These pants will be more suitable if worn with sandals or boots. So stylish right!

  1. Coat or parka that is not too long


This item is very important in rainy season. You can look stylish with this item and you must be smart in choosing it. Choose a coat or parka that is not too long. Avoid a coat or parka that is close to the knee. It’s so smart right!

  1. V-neck blouse


The inverted triangle pieces will give you a small miracle. This one item is very useful and you can wear it on various occasions. V-neck blouse can make your body look more taller. Besides being able to use hanging out with friends, it can also be used for important events. So beautiful ladies!

  1. Midi dress


This one fashion item is really a must have in your wardrobe. You can buy midi dress in fashion store or online store. Choose a midi dress that is really mid-calf length. Avoid midi dress that is close to the ankle, girls. So sweet!

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