Perfect Fashion Color Combinations for Women

The matching color combination of clothes makes a look look very perfect and stunning. So it is very important for us to be able to combine the colors in dress. The following are some inspirations for color combinations and clothes for women.

  1. Group Colors by Family


Keeping the color with his family is the safest way. Pair different colors but still in the same family. Combine with complementary colors (red and green, purple and yellow, blue and orange). You can choose color combinations according to your taste. So smart right!

  1. Use Ombre


Ombre is one of the most popular colors. Ranging from hairstyles, cake decorations, to nail colors … You can combine with the color sequence up or down. For maximum results, use bags, shoes, or other accessories that have synchronization with the ombre color of your choice. It’s so wonderful!

  1. Display Monochrome


Monochrome colors are seen as attractive and not strange. If you want more formal, just wear neutral colors like blue or white. For more pleasant nuances, you can choose yellow, pastel, or other favorite color choices.

  1. One Color at The Time


You can choose one color with a variety of decorative motifs. Pattern prints are usually a combination of one or more colors so you don’t have to bother combining colors. Try not to overuse accessories. So cool yeah!

  1. Balanced Colors


Another trick of combining these colors is to balance whatever hue you choose and mix it carefully. The right choice can give you a beautiful look. Be sure to choose colors proportionally and don’t combine too many colors. It’s so smart right!

  1. Match with Skin Color


If you have a darker skin tone, choose a lighter or warmer color, such as chocolate, coral, honey, gold, amber, and gray. Be sure to choose the ideal color to balance the warm and cold color palette. So beautiful guys!

  1. Combine Neutral Colors


Some people prefer not too flashy, but want to still look elegant. Neutral nuances can be the right choice for you. This color does not give a drastic change but still makes you look beautiful and beautiful. So simple right!

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