Types of Hats that Can Change Your Appearance

Wear a hat is the easiest way to make your appearance look elegant quickly. Hats are a choice of accessories that are not timeless and a smart choice for fashion lovers. For those of you who are just interested in this one accessory, you need to know various types of hats that suit your personality and style.

  1. Fedora Hats


At first, this hat was only used by men, but over time, fedora caps are now popular among women with a hat that is more feminine, colorful, ornate, to have a detailed bouquet of flowers. It’s so stylish guys!

  1. Beanie


This is the type of hat that is now popular among women. This hat is long and made of fine wool. Usually used to provide protection and warmth in winter. So cute right!

  1. Berets


Beret hats originating from France and Spain were originally used as part of a military uniform before being known as they are now. These hats are usually made of wool, acrylic fiber, cotton, and others. So cool guys!

  1. Cowboy Hat


Farm workers in the South American state first started wearing these hats. The shape is high with a wide hat edge. But now, slowly, women are also starting to enjoy wearing it. So classic yeahh!

  1. Baseball Caps


Baseball caps are the most common head accessories worn by men and women for style. This hat is specially designed to provide protection from heat and sun when someone is exercising or doing other activities outdoors. It’s so great!

  1. Mini hat


The mini hat is a combination of a fedora and floppy hat. This hat can be used for formal and informal events, depending on the material and decoration details. You can mix and match with formal trousers, pencil pants and silk tops. It’s so simple right!

  1. Beach Hats


At first, this hat was the ‘coast guard hat’, because it was used by coast guards who sat on the beach to provide protection from the blinding sun and intense heat. Beach hats are usually made of straw.

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