Smart Ways to Combine White Jeans for Women

This time Femalinea will discuss how to match white jean and make it look different, especially for those of you who still don’t believe in yourself. We all don’t always have to have the size of XS or S to look attractive with white jeans. Here are some tips on the combination of white jeans for women.

  1. Chambray Shirt


Pair your white jeans with anything blue. For example denim, dark blue or colors that are still included in the aqua element, will balance your appearance. Try pairing white jeans with a chambray shirt that we believe is one type of clothing for every woman to have.

  1. White Ripped Jeans with Sabrina’s Tops


Torn white jeans and sabrina tops are two trends that are being talked about in the fashion world today. Use heels or pumps with pink color, don’t forget to add long dangling earrings to maximize your look. It;s so cute ladies!

  1. White Jeans with Tie Shirt


You can also mix white jeans with a loose, plaid shirt. Complete your overall look with a model bun hairstyle, white sneaker shoes, a sling bag and aviator glasses.

  1. White Jeans with Black Tops and Accessories


Tops with spaghetti straps or wrinkled models will add definition to your look. While the dark colors give contrast to the white color of jeans. You can also Wear flat shoes, hairstyles with waves from a beach girl and wear pale lipstick to balance the overall look. So stylish guys!

  1. White Jeans with Skin Color Choker Tops


Choker models are now everywhere. With a choker top, you don’t need any more accessories. Pair it with the classic hairdo, also add wedges shoes and clothes that are inserted into the pants. So perfect!

    6. White Jeans with High Boots


Combining brown boots and white jeans will make you look very fashionable. Pair it with a brightly colored top with a little touch on the shoulder, with this style you will look very ready to welcome spring and winter. So cool right!

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