Korean Lipstick Color Inspirations for Spring

Currently in South Korea it has entered spring. One of the easiest things to look different this spring is to change the color of your lipstick. The following are some Korean lipstick colors that are suitable for use in spring.

  1. Neutral Pink


Pink is a classic color that is suitable to be applied in spring. Pink is perfect for any clothes and makeup look One of the products you can try is Innisfree’s Real Fit Color Liquid G2 with choices that look glossy and bright.

  1. Plum Pink


Pink Plum is a mixture of purple and pink so that it gives a more intense impression. This color is very suitable for you who have a cool undertone and can be a good color for the look of the gradient lip look.

  1. Fuschia Pink


This pink tends to adjust more to the skin tone because it has a content that is leaning towards red and blue. If your undertone is warm, choose one with a slightly red fuschia color. So sweet ladies!

  1. Red Pink


Red pink is a color that highlights the strong and feminine side. You can apply this color to display the gradient lip look or chic look, you can also if you want full coverage for a softer touch.

  1. Coral Red


Pink is very suitable for spring but it doesn’t hurt you try other colors. You can look stunning with coral red lipstick for a more natural look or choose one that is more red.

  1. Orange Red


Orange Red color can be practically similar to the color coral red. But the coral red color still looks a little pink, while the orange red doesn’t. Orange shades lighten skin tone. You can apply this color to look more vibrant look. It’s so sool guys!

  1. Neon Orange


If you want to have fun and look young, you can apply neon orange lipstick. This color will complement the bright impression on your appearance that looks more suited to the appearance of spring fashion. So shining right!

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