How to Style Girl’s T-shirt to Look Nice

There are some girls like to wear T-shirts for outdoor activities. It is because of comfort that allows them to move freely while doing activities. Wearing a T-shirt can also identical with youth. Therefore, shirts will be your best outfit to look nice and energetic. In this post, there are some pictures that might inspire you to style T-shirt with jeans, skirts or leggings. Let’s check it out!


  1. Liquid legging, T-shirt and Denim Outer


The first is a combination of liquid leggings, print T-shirts and denim outer. The color combination of black liquid leggings, white T-shirts and blue denim looks fresh and so cool.

  1. Midi Skirt and T-shirt


Wearing a midi skirt combined with a T-shirt will make you look chic and cute. This outfit is perfect for a casual occasion with your friends.

  1. Oversized T-shirt and Jeans Jacket


The color of washed jeans combined with an oversized T-shirts will create a youthful and trendy impression. It is recommended for you who have many activities.

  1. High Waist Jeans with Grey T-shirt


There is a smart way to style your T-shirt to make it nicer, that is by combining it with high waist jeans. In this way, your nice body curve will look awesome.

  1. Short Jeans with T-shirt


The easiest thing to style your plain T-shirt is wearing a belt. It looks cool, even when you combine it with a short.

  1. Knot sweater, Mini skirt and T-shirt


One overall color of your outfit today will make you look different. White T-shirt and knot sweater will really match the white mini skirt.

  1. Classic Jeans and T-shirt combination


Fashion will continue to rotate around at the moment. The classic jeans that were once popular will come back again for you to wear. Complete your look with a black leather jacket for a perfect outfit.

  1. Floral Skirt and T-shirt


Besides trousers and jeans, you can also combine your T-shirt with a beautiful floral skirt to make you look feminine.

  1. Ripped Jeans and Stripe T-shirt


Not only plain T-shirts that are easy to style with jeans, stripe T-shirts is also really match to be combined with ripped jeans.

  1. Rose Print T-shirt and Jeans


Having a casual look for a certain occasion, the combination of black T-shirts with jeans and wide belt will be an eye-catching outfit.

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