Lipstick Color Inspirations From Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is arguably one of the most beautiful women in the world of Hollywood. Not only talented acting, Priyanka was also the center of attention because he had just been engaged to Nick Jonas. Priyanka herself has a very elegant fashion and makeup style. For those of you who have brown skin, Priyanka’s makeup can be an inspiration.

  1. Dark red


With exotic brown skin color, you will look sexier if you use dark red lipstick. If you are not too confident about using this lipstick for daily activities, you can use dark red lipstick for formal events.

  1. Red chili


Red seems like Priyanka’s favorite lipstick color, huh? This time he chose a bright red color like chili. Bright red like this is very fitting when you are on vacation, especially holidays to the beach.

  1. Metallic


Currently metallic lipstick is starting to rise, girls. Priyanka doesn’t want to miss using this one trend.

He chose dark pink metallic lipstick which made him look more mature. Balance with a pink or peach blush to keep it looking fresh.

  1. Fuschia


Brown skin is really good for wearing dark lipstick like fuschia. Fuschia is a mixture of pink and purple which makes brown skin look prominent.

If you want a bold makeup look, you can also use matching colored eyeshadow but with a glitter texture.

  1. Chocolate


Want to try dark lipstick but still don’t dare to use it too extreme? Chocolate lipstick can be an option! You can use brown lipstick with orange accents that are suitable for brown skin.

  1. Coral


On relaxing days, Priyanka wears bright coral colored lipstick. He also chose lipstick with a creamy finish, so it wasn’t too heavy like matte lipstick.

  1. Maroon


Priyanka looks elegant with the appearance of all maroon, including the lipstick. Maroon lipstick is very well used for party events, especially when combined with luxurious gold accessories.

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