White Fashion Inspirations for Spring/Summer 2019

July 24, 2019

White color is indeed a mandatory color worn when summer arrives. The collection of white clothes re-appears with a variety of models produced by a series of well-known labels. Here are some trends in the Spring / Summer 2019 white shirt to maximize your appearance.

  1. Off White


For the Spring / Summer 2019 collection, the designer Virgil Abloh still carries the feel of athleisure. The result is a white shirt that comes in the form of a striped jacket like a kimono combined with bycycle pants. So trendy!

  1. Max Mara


This Italian label presents a white shirt in the form of a deconstruction shirt with a knee-length skirt. Off shoulder style makes this collection seem sexy but still sophisticated. This item is very suitable to go to a party during the day.

  1. Valentino


Valentino’s fashion house presents a white shirt in the form of a balloon-sleeved top with a long black pleated skirt. The presence of an extra sized belt accentuation for this look feels feminine but full of statement. So cute right!

  1. Louis Vuitton


You can achieve futuristic impressions using a white shirt. Look at the collection from Louis Vuitton below! The spring coat comes with balloon accents in the arm area. You can also combine with boots to achieve a modern look that is totality.

  1. Tory Burch


The modest style is becoming a favorite in the Spring / Summer 2018 trend, like Tory Burch’s collection. A white shirt in the form of a kaftan top with a long skirt can be your choice for vacation or even everyday style. So chic!

  1. Sacai


The white shirt from this label comes in the form of a combination of shorts with a romantic design top. The accents for the Spring / Summer 2019 collection from Sacai here feel so dramatic. Cool!

  1. Prada


A minimalist white shirt offered by Prada for the summer this time. Loose top models combined with A-line skirts do look simple but become more trendy combined with stockings, mary jane shoes, and tote bags. Simple yet stylish!

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