Women’s Fashion Inspirations for Rainy Season

July 24, 2019

Entering the rainy season, your dress style must change. Say goodbye to tank top and mini skirt, then take out the jacket and boots from the closet. So that you are always ready to be stylish in every weather, especially when it rains, Femalinea has prepared clothes references for you!

  1. Neon Track Jacket


Fluorescent colors can give a “wow” effect instantly to your appearance. Especially in the form of a track jacket as follows. Match neon colors with neutral colors like white or black. Wear bucket hat, cross-body bag and sneakers for cool street style.

  1. Super Oversized Jacket


Invest in oversized jackets that are able to provide cool style effortless. Like the following beige and black colored jacket utility. Then wear all-black clothing including boots.

  1. Poncho Over Shirt


For those of you who work in an office, this style is easily applied. All you have to do is wear a poncho or a scarf outside your white shirt and work pants. Simple but stylish with color games like this.

  1. Clear Plastic Coat


Transparent plastic material is very on trend in today’s fashion world. Besides being able to protect you from the rain, this transparent coat also looks stylish and easily paired with various clothing. For example, the following plaid sweaters and pants.

  1. Jeans and Boots


The combination of jeans and boots is easy to wear and never wrong. To make your style more stylish, choose cropped denim with thick soles like the following. Then attach it with a turtle neck and hat.

  1. Cropped Leather Jacket


This style of model outside the runway can be your inspiration. Wear a brightly colored cropped jacket with culottes, then end with strappy ankle boots. So stylish!

  1. Red and Black


Try the following red and black color combinations. Choose a coat with a red plastic material that looks eye-catchy. Then match the black clothes, namely hoodie jumpers, pants and boots.


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