2019 Fashion Trends that You Must Know

Designers and fashion houses are getting bored with subtle outfits. They seem interested in designing clothes that remain wearable in welcoming 2019 spring / summer. The combination of colors, volumes, exploration of motifs and materials is raised by designers through their work in fashion week ago.

  1. Prints


On the stage of the 2019 Calvin Klein spring / summer collection, Raf Simons appeared to display several patterned look, but what caught our attention the most was a match consisting of Jaws movie print poster t-shirts with subordinate abstract floral skirts.

  1. Volume


The volume silhouette that can instantly add a sophisticated impression, is transformed into a theatrical canal by Pierpaolo Piccioli. Black dress with volume sleeves and pieces of sabrina neck are an example of a dress that would certainly steal attention without looking excessive. Arm with a volume accent can also be called a bouffant sleeve.

  1. Oversized dress


The oversized silhouette dress is also loved in the 2019 spring / summer collection. For you fans of oversized silhouettes, this is good news for you. Balenciaga launched an oversized turtle neck dress in a warm dark blue. It’s so stylish!

  1. Plaid


Plaid motifs are almost always on every stage of the runway season at any time. Plaid motif exploration was also carried out by eccentric designer Thom Browne. This time, Thom also processes plaid fabric with a bright color palette. Thom’s pastel blue combined with shady white fish motifs.

  1. Patchwork


Patchwork jackets with successful denim material attracted the attention of guests who were present at this Isabel Marant 2019 spring / summer performance. For tricks to wear it, you can pair a patchwork denim jacket with a playsuit when you want to look relaxed.

  1. Ruffles


Almost all women love the silhouette of ruffles in clothing. This season, ruffles are back on the stage of fashion houses in 2019. A series of collections consisting of cropped off the shoulder tops that are paired with gypsy maxi skirts, are certainly made with complicated ruffles. So cool right!

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