Amazing Makeup Look Types in The World

Face appearance is a very important thing for every woman. For that, various kinds of makeup products are presented specifically to meet the needs of women. There are various styles of makeup use. The difference in makeup style arises because of differences in beauty standards in various countries.

  1. Thailand Makeup Look


This Thai style makeup uses natural and soft colors. In addition, the distinctive feature of Thai makeup is the contour of the nose to make it look sharper. Blush on the cheek area also looks swept up with bright pink colors.

  1. Korean Makeup Look


Korean-style makeup is becoming a trend that is much favored by women. Korean-style makeup brings a thrifty theme. All makeup products use soft colors and are applied not thickly. Very cute and natural.

  1. Indian Makeup Look


This Indian style make up will make you look sexy and exotic. The distinctive feature of this display is thick eyeliner with eye paint style and sharp eye shadow. In addition, the use of lipstick with striking colors is his trademark.

  1. Japanese Makeup Look


You’re welcome in Asia, Korean and Japanese make-up has a difference. If Korea appears more natural, Japan relies on effects such as glitter and some blush to make their appearance more cute. The use of eyeliner to make the eyes look bigger is also very necessary for this Japanese Look. So cute guys!

  1. Western Makeup Look


The Western-style make-up relies on a sexy look and a matte finish. The eyeliner uses a sharp paint eye display. In addition, glitter highlights are also important. So sexy right!

  1. Australian Makeup Look


Like just coming out of the beach is a distinctive feature of this Australian-style makeup not much is highlighted from the face. Everything is natural. It’s just that, the final result of glow and smooth skin without wrinkles is very important. It’s so cool right!

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