Best Fashion Style Inspirations from Lee Min Jung

Famous Korean actress Lee Min Jung is indeed a classy and retro woman. The fashion styles are perfect for you career women in the era of millenials. A cool and stylish look will juggle you to become tired and up to date even though you’re in the office.

  1. Blazer and checkered pants with white shirt


Perfect match for white shirts, checkered blazers and pants for those of you who like to appear hits and cool. The purple color of the blazer and pants will give a charming impression for you who like retro style. Velvet accents on the blazer make your appearance more mature and elegant.

  1. Pastel blouse


Are you lazy to appear too formal? This one blouse is suitable for those of you who want to go to the office but have difficulty in simple style. Hand wrinkles accent make your appearance still look formal but a little casual.

  1. White blouse and long skirt


Very hits with white blouse and long skirt with black and white stripes. Use this style for your important meetings with the company.

  1. Black blouse


Appear simple with the present little black blouse for your business trip. Fur accents on your shirt make your appearance very classy. So stylish guys!

  1. White shirt and denim pants


When you relax and want to hang out with your gang, follow this one Min Jung style. White shirt and denim pants make you look casual, simple but still cool for your hangout. It’s so simple right!

  1. Red dress


This beautiful red dress you should not miss because it is perfect for going to office or other official events. Girls, going to work doesn’t always have to be a blazer and shirt. So cool right!

  1. White furry solid jacket


During the rainy season like this, adjust the style to your office to keep it elegant. The white turtle neck T-shirt was mixed & matched with this cool solid jacket that made your style even cooler. This one leather jacket still makes you look formal and you are ready to go to the office.

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