Best Mix and Match Colors in Womens Fashion

Mix and match is not always about matching items. Apparently, when you mix and match clothes, you also have to pay attention to the color combinations. Do you want to know the secrets of mix and match colors to stand out? Check it out!

  1. Ombre style


For you who take the initiative to use colored outfit and are again confused to mix and match the colors, the easiest way is to mix and match colors according to the color gradation. So, if the main color is blue, surely you combine it with light blue or dark blue.

  1. Stick to the family


You have to be someone who is consistent. If you use an outfit with pastel color themes, try other items that are also pastel colored. So, black, fuschia and highlighter green you should avoid.

  1. Always use basic with jeans


For you who are confused mix and match style with jeans items, you can choose tops are like white, gray, light pink, or light blue. For the feminine or boyish style, it’s free to express, because the jeans are really cool if you combine with sneakers and heels, shirts and blazers.

  1. Pair the bold colors with warm colors


For those of you who like to wear bold colors like burgundy, wine, or navy, guaranteed that color will stand out if combined with basic colored items. For example, burgundy with nude or navy with gray.

  1. Take samples from magazines


At the last minute you want to go and you’re still confused to mix and match clothes, you don’t need to worry. You only need to open your collection of fashion magazines and open the runway or OOTD rubric.

  1. Try to follow your scarf motif


Now most scarves have various motifs. For inspiration and solid color training, you can also see the color alloy on the scarf. For example, orange with navy, orange with black or even burgundy with gold. So cool right!

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