80’s Women’s Hairstyle Inspirations for 2019

As we know that hair trends always repeat. But there are some times when hairstyles are truly iconic, so they become a marker of an age. It turns out it’s not just you who admire the 80’s who are very iconic. With a little twist, you can try to order this retro hairstyle and turn it into a modern hairstyle. Femalinea has collected some 80’s hairstyle recommendations that you deserve to try.

  1. Bangs style


This 80’s hairstyle is incomplete without this one style. Some bangs are left falling on the forehead, while most of the others are pushed up as if swept by the wind. This hairstyle is suitable for matching long hair and short hair.

  1. Bowl cut


You certainly remember, bowl cut hairstyle? One of the 80’s hairstyles is iconic because of its uniqueness. Now many of these hair styles are fond of.

  1. Spiral curls


The 80’s are filled with layer hair styles that accumulate, are thick, and require a lot of hairspray. One of the favorite things of the past is the sexy and textured spiral curly hairstyle. You can get curly shapes like this with the heatless curls technique!

  1. Feathered layer


Shaggy and textured hairstyles are the result of this layer one cut. Feathered layer is produced by cutting the hair with a layer that is quite extreme. In addition to the whole hair cut in layers, each part of the hair is also given a layer so that it looks very textured and thick.

  1. Two types of shaggy


Nobody knows when the shaggy hairstyle rises again, obviously this hairstyle is popular again! To complete his style, you can cut your bangs to as short as eyebrows, to frame your face perfectly, just like this inspirational photo. So cute right!

  1. Barette twist


Barette is a type of hairpin that is now also known as a crocodile pin shape. This pin shape is known by another name “hair slide” or “clasp” which is made of metal or plastic. Barette is usually used to clamp hair or try a twist hairstyle. You can also arrange it with a half up-do hairstyle.

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