Smart Scarf Tricks to Upgrade Your Bag

You can create a scarf with a favorite bag that you have. You don’t have to spend money to buy something new. Especially if the items you have at home are still in good condition. This method is guaranteed to make your bag look new and look more chic.

  1. You can combine two different nuances in your bag


Do you have a bag with a cheeky shape? You can try combining a classic floral pattern scarf in your bag. This will make your bag have a different feel. You can also look beautiful with your combination bag.

  1. Mix and match the saddle bag with the bandana you have


Do you want a little American style? You can deduce the bandana into your favorite saddle bag. It’s so cool right!.

  1. You can wrap your boxy shape bag with silk scarf


You can also refresh your bag by combining a boxy shape bag that you have with a silk scarf. Try wrapping the silk scarf that you have on the handle of your bag. Guaranteed your bag will look cool.

  1. Combine boho scarf with a mini leather cross-body


For those of you who have a mini leather cross-body, you can combine it with the boho scraf you have. You can also look casual with your boho bag and scarf.

  1. Give a touch of printed scarf


If you have a shoulder bag made of leather, you can combine it with a printed scarf. This will make your bag look sweeter. Let’s try it.

  1. Ladylike Bag You will look rock n roll with a touch of bandana


You can Rock N Roll by using a Ladylike Bag that you combine with Bandana. You simply wrap and knot your bag using a different color bandana. Let’s Rock N Roll!

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