Unique Women’s Fashion Bag Trends in 2019

As the year changes, fashion trends also change. Not only clothes, accessories such as bags also have their own trends, ranging from design, color, size to the material used. If you like collecting bags, here are some unique 2019 bag trends that can be used as a complement to your fashionable look.

  1. Sea-shell bag


As the name implies, this unique bag has a shape resembling a sea shell. Sea-shell has the right size as a party bag and comes with an embossed texture like a sea shell.

  1. Glass bag


Now comes the glass bag that is also no less attention. Although both of these materials are effective in protecting your luggage from splashing rainwater, glass bags have a much more classy appearance than PVC bags.

  1. Wristband bag


This unique bag is specifically designed to be used on the wrist area by making it a bracelet. It can only to save a certain amount of money, ATM cards and lipstick.

  1. New shape bag


If you are a woman who likes to look extraordinary, then new shape bag seems to be suitable to perfect your outfit. You don’t have to always use a bag that has a normal design, a bag with a unique shape will actually make your style more up-to-date.

  1. Pillow bag


Not only earrings or necklaces that can be a statement on your appearance. This bag is also able to give its own impression, for example like a unique trend bag resembling a pillow or pillow bag released by Maison Margiela fashion house.

  1. Crocodile bag


It is common knowledge that fashion items made of leather are a timeless trend. Therefore, even the crocodile leather bag is expected to become a trend during 2019, such as the bag released by the New York high brand. So cool right!

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