Womens Fashion Style Inspirations for Night Events

The weekend is the most comfortable is to use simple clothes such as jeans and t-shirts. But why don’t you try to use something feminine and sexy occasionally. Some of the style inspirations below can give you the ideas for your night out on weekends.

  1. Lexy Black Dress


Black Dress is one timeless fashion item for you to use for parties or formal events. If you want to use black dress for events at night, you should use stiletto heels and chic clutch bags and let your other styles look simple.

  1. Plain and Full Mini Skirt Settings


You can also try using plain tops and mini-skirts. You can use full skirt with black and white print to be combined with black turtle neck or chic blouse. Don’t forget to use gladiator sandals or strappy sandals that will make your legs look sexier.

  1. Body-con Dress


Another style that you can use for your night out is to use body-con dress. To get a sporty and chic impression you can use a body-con in gray and don’t forget to add a bomber jacket.

  1. Lexy White Dress


You can also use white dresses for your night out. Try using your white dress with a semi-formal theme for you who wants to have dinner or attend an official event. Also complete your appearance with silver wedges. To sweeten the appearance you can also use silver belt.

  1. Lee Trousers with Chic Top


Leather trouser combined with chic tops can be the right blend for your night out. In addition, you can also combine it with metallic or sheer mesh blouse for a feminine look.

  1. Chic Romper


Rompers can make your appearance feminine as well as classic without looking too flashy. You can use additional accessories like choker necklace or bib necklace to make your appearance more stylish.

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