Womens Fashion Style Tips Use Turtleneck

Dress trends are always changing from year to year. Turtleneck was a most popular fashion trend in the early 1940’s and now in 2019 turtle neck is back popular. Model clothes with high collar are always enduring.

  1. Pair the Turtle Neck with a Cocktail Dress


Do you want to party with a cocktail dress? You can try combining the turtle neck you have by using a cocktail dress. Your appearance will definitely be different from this style. So amazing right!

  1. Vary By Piling Midi Dress


Another inspiration for you who want to wear warm clothes is that you can stack your turtle neck made from Kashmir using a sleeveless midi dress. This display is perfect for those of you who want to look a little casual when going to the office. So cute guys!

  1. Sporty with Turtle Neck that you have


If you have a long sleeved mini dress you can combine it with sneakers. Yup! Simple, clean and sporty. You simply use a sling bag to beautify your style. It’s so cool ladies!

  1. Rock N Roll Style with Mini Dress and Jacket


Rock N Roll style using a mini dress combined with a jacket is suitable for those of you who like rebel style. If you use a jacket made of cotton and linen, it will give a more formal impression. So rock yeah!

  1. Sleeveless Mini Dress For You Who Are Feminine


For you who are feminine you can use a sleeveless mini turtle neck dress. You can also combine it with heels. You can look beautiful by using this solid match without having to look excessive. So beautiful right!

  1. Sporty with Silk Trousers Alloy


You can also apply Sporty Style with a combination of silk trousers. Now the choice of sleeveless turtle neck can be something catchy. Don’t forget to use your favorite sport shoes. It’s so sporty guys!

  1. Stacked Shirt Style


Change your appearance more differently by stacking you with a tank top and midi skirt. This stacked clothing model is also very suitable for you to use during the rainy season. So simple right!

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