Womens Thicker Haircut Ideas for Thin Hair

Are you born with thin hair? Calm down guys, there are many ways you can do this. First of all, understand that thin hair is not always a gene factor. Unhealthy habits such as frequent binding of hair too tight can also cause hair loss which leads to thinning hair.

  1. Pixie cut


Contrary to the opinion of many people, short hairstyles such as pixie cut can also make your hair look thick. The trick is in the hairstyle chosen, in this case, the pixie style cut wavy or curly can give instant volume to the top of the hair. So great yeah!

  1. Blunt bob


In addition to the pixie style, you can try a short bob cut haircut. Blunt bob gives the illusion of thicker hair, as opposed to a layer that can ‘form’ hair and reduce hair weights. So beautiful right!

  1. Bob shoulder length


Have thin hair but don’t want to cut it short? Shoulder length haircut is your best option! Choose a shoulder bob hairstyle with a thin layer at the end.

  1. Bob curly shoulder length


Born with curly hair? Thank you, of course! The natural form of curly hair can add volume to your typical hair. It’s so sweet ladies!

  1. Bow cut


The thin haircut idea to make it look thick, our next recommendation is the bowl cut model. Short hairstyles with a round shape effect on the face effectively give the impression of thicker hair instantly. So cute guys!

  1. Long wavy hair


You can get around thin hair to make it look thick using the right hairdo. Naturally, wavy or curly shapes can add volume. For that, try your long wavy hairstyle using the curly hanging technique! So simple right!

  1. Hair layer length


First, replace the shampoo with our recommendation, namely Dove Thickening Ritual Shampoo formulated with a blend of lavender and rosemary extract. Natural ingredients are believed to nourish the hair and make it look thicker.

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