Best Mens Hairstyle Inspirations at Met Gala 2019

Fashion fans know that the Met Gala is the most awaited event after a series of fashion week. This year, Met Gala uses the theme Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination which is the coolest Met Gala theme so far. Not only can their choices of clothing be inspired, you can copy the celebrity hairstyles to be your inspiration.

  1. Afro fade


The cast of T’challa from the Black Panther film is still horrendous the internet with its amazingly fashionable style. But If he doesn’t wear afro hairstyle with cool fade style, his appearances will be less perfect.

  1. Slick back


Acting actor Jug-head Jones dyed his hair black and used a slick back style to make his appearance match the tuxedo he used.

  1. Classic cut with comb over style


The classic side cut haircut will always be a safe choice, especially for those of you who have thick hair. For example, such as the American Crime Story series actor who chose comb over hairstyles to complement his glamorous appearance that night.

  1. Buzz cut


This famous singer may be bored with the dread-lock style that he often uses, and last night he came with a pleasant surprise: fresh haircut. This one rapper dyes his hair into gold to celebrate his song, Icon, which just received a gold plaque!

  1. Long curly hair


This Joker actor comes with an appearance inspired by Jesus. But his style is still cool with curls that are no less perfect. So masculine right!

  1. Faux curly hawk


The cool F1 racer is not just stunning with the designer clothes he uses. He also began to grow hair and experiment with different styles. The top faux hawk hairstyle that he chose successfully made his appearance even cooler! It’s so cool guys!

  1. French crop


Everyone is sure ‘Jealous’ to see this male singer walk on the red carpet. The French crop hairstyle that he uses is very cool and makes him look more masculine. So handsome right!

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