2019 Korean Runway Hairstyle Inspirations for Women

As we know that runway is often a determinant of trends. Not only fashion trends, but also trends in runway and make-up hair models. 2019 will be filled with repeated hair modes. Korean runway hair style has its own style. Very funny simple but stylish.

  1. Platinum Blonde on Curly bob


Want to appear a Korean celebrity? Try a curly bob haircut in platinum blonde. By choosing this style, you have tried two trends at once! You must try this hair look, it is so simple right!

  1. Mool Gyul


Fans of ‘Korean Drama’ certainly understand this hairstyle. Instead of just being a spectator, why not take part in K-fever? Look at the various inspirations of Korean hairstyles that you can try. There are Korean hairstyles for men too guys!

  1. Triple Dutch braid


By choosing this hairstyle, Femalinea believes you will be the center of attention! You must find information about the types of braids you need to know. You can search for information about the style through fashion web or Instagram.

  1. Cross Double Braids


To get this hairstyle, cross your hair before you start braiding. Add bright colored ribbons to make contrast on the display. This hairstyle looks simple but can make you look more stylish and unique.

  1. Unicorn Braid


For those who like a simple look, this one braid style can be tried. Position the braids in the center of the hair, then tie the remaining hair that dangles into a ponytail. Select the Dutch braid style so that the braid results arise. You will look bolder and everyone’s eyes will always be on you. So cool guys!

  1. Triple Dutch Braid Ponytail


You can choose a combination of hair braids and ponytails to go to exciting events such as music concerts, friend weddings, and even attend fashion week! So, don’t hesitate to try it guys. Guaranteed you will look more trendy and modern!

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