Best Womens Hairstyles at Oscars 2019

As we know that the 2019 Oscars are more than just an award night, because the show on the red carpet is also very much awaited. Femalinea has compiled a list of celebrities and actresses at 91st Academy Awards to get you inspired. Check it out!

  1. Classic Hollywood waves


To close the award season this time, the actor of the film The Bohemian Rhapsody decided to look nice with curly hair and wavy sides.

  1. Audrey Hepburn-inspired updo


The diva was a highlight on the red carpet, after she appeared in a typical vintage hairstyle Audrey Hepburn when she won the trophy in 1954. This vintage hairstyle can make you shout “Whhhoooaaaah” like when the diva sang Shallow songs.

  1. Effortless beach waves


To maximize her dirty blonde hair color, Chris Appleton, the hairdresser, arranged her hair in a sweet, effortless, side-cut curl style. This trick is usually used to frame the face as needed, and focus on clothing.

  1. Wavy bob


The Captain Marvel looks more feminine with wavy shoulder length hairstyles arranged side by side. If you have thin hair like her, a tousled waves hairstyle will always be the perfect choice to make hair look thicker.

  1. Soft and defined waves


If there is the sweetest, simplest and glamorous hairstyle nomination, then we will put Amy Adams on her list. The actress who is consistent with the color of her red hair can always choose a hairstyle that can highlight the best features on her face.

  1. Box braid updo


His hairstyle was styled by hairdresser Vernon François. The set of braid boxes help to give texture to the finger waves hairstyle.

  1. Chic bob


One of the cast actresses in the Game of Thrones series has just changed her hair color from blonde to mahogany. This actress entrusts her hair coloring to a famous hairdresser, namely Nicola Clarke.

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