Best Womens K-Pop Fashion Style Combinations use Hat

Fashion is one of the icons that is always interesting to discuss. Starting from clothes, to small accessories, there are always many devotees. Accessories that are always used as a complementary fashion icon, one of which is a hat. Hats also become one of the accessories that are suitable for use in various situations. The following are some solid recommendations for idol K-Pop hat accessories that make your appearance as stylish as possible.

  1. Sowon GFriend


Monochrome nuance, Sowon style uses a plain white t-shirt accompanied by a black mini skirt that makes it look simple and casual but trendy and fashionable. Additional bucket hat that is worn in line with the color of the mini skirt that Sowon wears further enhances its appearance.

  1. Doyeon Weki Meki


Doyeon chose to combine this newsboy vintage-patterned boxed hat accessories with a plain off shoulder black shirt with long sleeves and a super catchy mini denim skirt.

  1. Eunji Apink


Eunji’s simple display is suitable for the look of a boyfriend look that is still cacthy and trendy but still shows a girly impression. Combining with a black baseball cap with a combination of plain black t-shirts and denim pants, Eunji looks naturally beautiful.

  1. Wendy Red Velvet


The main vocal of the Red Velvet girl group looks beautiful and also cute with a beret hat and she also use clear round white glasses.

  1. Nayeon TWICE


If Nayeon chose to combine the brown beanie hat with a pair of shirt suits and matching purplish training pants. This display looks simple and sporty and is comfortable to use.

  1. Jennie BLACKPINK


Jennie’s fashion style is suitable for a winter look. Starting with a beanie hat decoration that will definitely warm the head, Jennie also blends the black beaded shirt with a black shirt which is then coated with a warm white coat. Jennie also wore jeans with black pants and simple white sneakers.

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