Makeup Trends at New York Fashion Week Spring 2019

Various fashion designs by famous designers successfully decorated in NYFW Spring 2019 runway stage. Not only fashion, the models’ makeup styles at NYFW Spring 2019 are also a concern. From sparkle to disco glam, here are some of the best makeup trends at New York Fashion Week 2019.

  1. Sparkle


This model from Kate Spade comes with natural makeup, which is increasingly standout with the use of gold glitter in the eyelids.

  1. Neon


Neon is also one of the makeup trends at NYFW Spring 2019. The use of eyeshadow nuances of neon colors, such as lime-green success gives the impression of being cheerful but also fierce, huh?

  1. Rose Garden Vibes


Rose garden vibes makeup on Rodarte’s model according to the makeup artist James Kaliardos inspired by modern art. Use 3 vibrant colors, namely hot pink, teal blue, and canary yellow as eyeshadow. It’s getting sweeter with red lipstick and a sweep of pink blush.

  1. Monet Painting


Lanyu showed monet painting of vibes for makeup models at New York Fashion Week. Focus on one part, lips or eyes, which is made like a painting with colorful choices like rainbows.

  1. Trend of Makeup Foil Lips


Presenting the glamorous nuances of the 80’s, the models for Jeremy Scoot’s work appear unique with the trend of makeup foil lips. Shown with a bare face, makeup focus on the lips with the use of pink foil pieces, which are enhanced with pink glitter.

  1. Glam Smokey Eyes


The Tom Ford models present 70’s era vibes through this makeup trend. Not only wear black, dark brown color choices and gold make smokey eyes make it more glamorous. Focusing on the eyes, neutral color lip balm is the right choice.

  1. Makeup Statement


This makeup trend is the key to the combination of bold colors. The use of lipstick statement and eye makeup models with contrasting colors is the characteristic of this makeup. So iconic right!

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