Most Unique Women’s Japanese Hairstyle Inspirations

Harajuku is one of the trend trends that is recognized throughout the world. The Harajuku concept is to show the most authentic and experimental hairstyles. The following hairstyles are inspired by the unique and experimental Harajuku style!

  1. Bleached blonde


You can start with bleached blonde like this. This blonde color is suitable if you mix with striking color accessories (like a yellow hat) and also red lipstick! So great yeahh!

  1. Double bun braid


One of Harajuku’s unique styles is a blend of accessories on hair that is never borne. This cute haircut is a combination of double bun with mini braid. So sweet right!

  1. Mermaid hairstyle


Not only hair color, you can also get mermaid hair with this one cute haircut. Pair the fishtail braid with these accessories to be underwater queen. So beautiful ladies!

  1. Ponytail with ribbon


Ponytail hairstyles won’t be boring if you are good at giving accessories. Who would have thought that a simple ribbon could make this haircut funny? So amazing!

  1. Braided up-do


This one-piece braid hairstyle is becoming more kawaii with fresh flower accessories! Try installing fresh roses on your braided up-do! So trendy guys!

  1. Pigtail braids


If you are not good at braiding, try a twist braid style that uses just two hairstyles. For a kawaii style, add unique accessories and ribbons. So cute guys!

  1. Braided double bun


Pair the quick style of braids with micro bangs. Don’t forget the big earrings with vibrant colors to add to your confidence. It’s so stylish right!

  1. Space bun


Space bun hairstyles won’t be resigned as a hairstyle trend this year. Maybe it’s time for you to collect colorful clips for kawaii look like this. So cool ladies!

  1. Beatless curls


You can get this curly hairstyle with a heatless technique. The trick is you can braid your hair and drill your hair into curls. This technique will save you 15 minutes faster than the usual curly technique. So simple right!

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