Types of Braid Hairstyles that You Should Know

As time goes on, braid hairstyles change their meaning from being full of symbols, now becoming a fashion statement. Now braid hairstyles have many variations with beautiful combinations.

  1. Three strands plait


This type of hair braid is the basis of all types of hair braids in the world. The trick is to divide the hair into three and then make a braid by moving the hair left to right, then right to left alternately. It’s so simple guys!

  1. French braids


Actually French braids have the same pattern as ordinary braids, which are made of 3 parts of hair. The difference is the French braids technique starting from the base of the hair by taking only part of the hair. You must divide your hair into three, then woven with little by little to pick up new hair.

  1. Fishtail braids


This type of braid is called fishtail braids because the shape is similar to a fish tail. You must divide the hair into two parts. Next, you have to take a little part of the hair from the right and weave it inward (from right to left, and left to right). So chic guys!

  1. Upside down braid


This technique is the development of French braids. You should start braiding from the bottom up, so the braids start from the nape of the neck up. If you do it yourself, it will be easier if you bow your head. So stylish ladies!

  1. Dutch braids


In the Dutch braids, you have to braid by braiding it through the bottom. This braid technique makes the braids appear outside, not on the inside like French braids. It’s so cool right!

  1. Milkmaid braids


You need very long hair to use the milkmaid braids. The way to make it is to divide the two hairs and braid them with a simple braid (number 1). After that, wrap the two braids over the head and pinch the ends. Variations of milkmaid braids are halo braids and crown braids. So simple right!

  1. Four strands braids


This braid technique can make an illusion as if your hair is thick. The trick is to divide the hair into three parts, then braid it. The leftmost part must be wrapped through the bottom, while the rightmost part is wrapped up. So easy right!

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