Modern Classic Style Inspirations from Park Shin Hye

As we know Park Shin Hye is the brand ambassador for various fashion and beauty products. On a number of occasions, Shin Hye’s appearance was endorsed by Chanel with clothes that were characterized by modern classics. As an inspiration, you can imitate some of Shin Hye’s feminine styles that are safe to use and still look attractive.

  1. Pretty Cute Laces


Shin Hye often uses romantic lace dress for formal events. Park Shin Hye also chooses a variety of cuts so that the appearance is not always the same. You can use this style for your important events or dinner with your partner.

  1. Ultimate Minies


Even though it opens at the bottom, Park Shin Hye doesn’t want to appear excessive. He balanced his style by staying closed at the top. He always appears feminism with a simple but charming style.

  1. Black and White


Black and white is the best combination for appearance. Park Shin Hye implemented it on various occasions. This basic color is perfect for those of you who don’t like patterned clothes or full colors. This style can also be used for your formal events.

  1. Airport Chic


Even though he is at the airport, Park Shin Hye still cares about his appearance. Comfortable and chic become the mainstay when traveling. He still looks stunning and stylish in the public space. You can also imitate this style to go with your friends.

  1. Creamy and Dreamy


Feminine style is always in tune with this adorable color. Pastel colors always have a way to make Park Shin Hye more girly. You will look softer and sweet when using it.

  1. Affordable Black


Slimming to be safe for use at any time, is the reason why blacks are always promoted by women in clothes including Park Shin Hye. Black makes you look simple and strong. Black can also make you look slimmer.

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