Most Popular Womens Jeans Jacket in 2019

The jeans jacket itself is a fashion item that is staple and suitable to wear with any style. Jeans jackets can also be relied upon as a go-to jacket so that it can be a timeless investment. You can learn some models of women’s jeans jackets before deciding which one suits your needs. You can choose modern or classic.

  1. Trucker jeans jacket


This type of trucker is a classic jeans jacket model that we often encounter. Simple and masculine silhouette suitable for everyday wear.

  1. Jeans jacket over


The oversized trend is still very popular today. Unlike the more suitable trucker model, this loose silhouette is an option for those who want to look a little relaxed. The oversized jeans jacket is very comfortable because it has plenty of room for air circulation.

  1. Ripped jeans


Ripped accents give a cool rebel impression. The torn and untidy details make the wearer look no basic!

  1. Shearling jeans jacket


This item is suitable to wear when the air is cold. The interior of the feather inside the jacket can provide extra warmth. You will show the classic impression of the statement.

  1. Jeans vest


The vest is most reliable when the air is hot. This item is very suitable combined with t-shirts and shorts.

  1. Cropped jeans jacket


This model of jeans jacket is also practical. It doesn’t make you hot, instead it makes your style more cool and up to date. You can also pair with high-waist pants for a stylish impression.

  1. Asymmetrical jeans jacket


The model of the asymmetrical women’s jeans jacket is a more trending model. Only a few brands issued this type of jeans jacket – so this is somewhat expensive. Understandably, the design is unique and rare.

  1. Patches jeans jacket 


The model of jeans jacket patches is the only one that appears playful. This jacket has cute and colorful path details, making this jeans jacket the choice of millennials.

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