Most Weard Womens Fashion Items in 2019

Oversized fashion items are currently very popular. Many of the fashion influencers use this item at several world fashion events. Like super big hats, super big jackets, super big goggles and large sneakers have become fashion items this year. But there are some fashion items that look very strange and are not recommended to wear.

  1. Dad Sneakers


Big sneakers that are often referred to as “dad sneakers” are the most popular fashion items in the world this year. This fashion item is used as a complement to street fashion that instantly makes your look hits! The Italian shoe brand, now headquartered in South Korea, Fila, is one of the popular brands that release this type of sneakers.

  1. Vinyl


All types of fashion items made from plastic in the form of vinyl and PVC (one type of vinyl) are also popular. The trend that originally grew in the 1960s has been displayed by premium fashion brands such as Balenciaga, Christopher Kane, or Marni.

  1. Balaclavas


Balaclavas can be the weirdest fashion trend this year. It is a face cover commonly used when skiing. When worn, It will cover the face, mouth and sometimes the nose.

  1. Oversized Coats


Oversized coats are one of the most hits trends in 2018. The most bizarre form was released by Balenciaga from designer Demna Gvasalia. The models that bring the coats appear to be squeezed by the super big coats they use. Designers such as Marc Jacobs and Raf Simons from Calvin Klein also released super large coats.

  1. Super Big Hat


On the latest fashgion shows, many hats are displayed with super large sizes. The most striking of the label Jacquemus with the La Bomba hat worn by some public figures such as Emily Ratajkowski and Emma Rosenzweig.

  1. Fringes items


All great things can be very trendy in 2019. But all tufts are also a favorite of the community. For example, a tassel-filled dress from some designers hits the world, call it Giambattista Valli.

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