Best Outfit Combination Tips use Wide Leg Pants

Wide leg pants are one of the fashion items that are popular and are popular with fashionistas. This one pants model is also very easy to mix and match with various styles. The wide leg pants that you wear can make your body look slimmer and more fashionable. The following are the tips. Check it out!

  1. You can look swag and casual when wearing wide leg pants


Pair plain black T-shirts, wide leg pants, sneakers and beret hats. To be more stylish, you can also wear a mini backpack as additional accessories. So simple right!

  1. Looks cheerful with a wide leg pants motif


For those of you who like Korean style look, you can copy this stylish Sunny style. You can choose a boss with a bright oversized t-shirt and make it into a crop model. You can match it with wide leg pants with stripes, slippers, and handbag.

  1. For a more formal style, you can be a patterned blazer with wide white pants


The style of actress above is very fashionable right? It could be a small outfit for going to the office or when attending a formal event!

  1. You can use wide leg pants with bohemian themes


You can combine white pants with lace details with matching bustier and floral kimono outerwear. Don’t forget to wear a straw bag to make your style even more fun! So classic right!

  1. Simple monochrome style


Simple monochrome theme is suitable to be a stylish style for college! The neutral color also makes your style look elegant and classy. So chic right!

  1. Combine wide leg pants with successful pastel and soft nuances makes OOTD look feminine


You can look stylish with a gray top, wide leg pants, and use a pink pastel long blazer.  It’s so easy ladies!

  1. You can create a contemporary style with a plaid shirt and wide leg pants


To perfect your style, you can use accessories with one color. Like the picture above you can choose red for your shoes, bag, and glasses. So cool right!

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