Men’s Fashion Combination Tips Use Pants & Shoes

There are still many men who do not understand about appearing cool and fashionable according to their respective styles. Men are more monotonous about fashion, especially about combining the colors of clothes with their shoes. Here are some tips to combine pants and clothes that can maximize your appearance.

  1. Pay attention to shoes and pants model


You can choose shoes with a cool model but don’t mix them with pants that seem fashionable, it will cause your appearance to be too excessive. Choose one of the two items.

  1. Use black color


Black shoes must be owned for those who want to look cool and fashionable. Black colors can also be combined with any color of clothing, for example black shoes with white pants will seem simple and elegant.

  1. Use shoes color with darker color


If we want to have a formal impression, something that must be considered is the color of shoes. You can use shoes with a darker color than the color of the pants. That way our appearance will look more proportional.

  1. Use jeans


To get a simple look, you can wear jeans and mix with neutral colored shoes.

  1. Soft black pants


Soft black pants and black shoes are a common blend. If the shoes used have many shades and shine, then use simple pants or vice versa. Don’t mix with dark brown, light brown, or oxblood shoes.

  1. Use brown pants


Brown pants can be combined with shoes that are darker in color because combined with these two colors make us look more elegant and modern.

  1. Navy color


For gentlemen who have navy pants, you can combine them with dark colors of shoes. By combining these colors, will make us seem more formal and fashionable.

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