32 Beautiful Work Outfit Ideas for Career Women

Look stylish, elegant, and professional are the requirements of career women. They alos have to be clever in mananging time, handling jobs, but keeping stylish in the way they dress up. In a business case, the way we dress up is very significant since it is the base of everyone to trust us. And, career women know it well. That’s why they always concern on how they choose the right, simple, yet functional work outfits. Since career women have to manage the time, they choose their work outfits in a simole way without ignoring being fashionable and neat. To give you some examples, please scroll down the page.

Black and white are favorite color to dominate the outfits. White blouse with black bow combined with black pants, a pair of high heels are perfect look to go to your office. This simple yet beautiful outfits will be more stunning with your black leather hand bag. To look politely sexy, wearing a skirt, like a pencil skirt, a syraigjt skirt, or A line skirt sounds interesting. Choose the calm color skirt like navy, grey, or beige. A skirt helps you to look feminine in a formal way. You may match your skirt with kinds of bloused, such as a plain or patterned blouse. A blazer is one of work outfits that makes you feel fabulous. You can have it as the complement for your sleeveless dress. Go with your platforms and hand bag to look perfect your appearance. On the other hands, if you want to have fancy look, you can have a pattern shirt with outer and combine them with a skirt. This combination will make you impressive to meet with your clients. Check these pictures for more inspirations.


Black leather bag
white blouse and beige bag
white shirt and mini black skirt for work
white shirt and long gray pattern pants
White shirt and mini skirt
Grey theme work outfit
Long white pants and brown hand bag
perfect match clutch and high heels on red color
stripe pattern shirt and blue skirt
Square pattern dress and black tote bag for work
Simple work outfits
simple black and white work outfits
 flower pattern shirt and yellow outer
Pink work outfits and small round bag
patterned blue stripe dress
mini pencil skirt and red pattern shirt
Long white blazer
white blazer and white bag
Long pink blazer and white dress
Light blue shirt for work outfit
Gray sweater ideas
Mini dress and pink hand bag
Gray blazer for formal work outfit
Elegant gray shirt and long tie
Dark blue shirt
Brown outer and long plaid pants
black skirt and black high heels
Black pencil dress for work
black ruffle skirt ideas
slim black dress work outfit
Black leather bag
black jacket and pearl necklace

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