8 Inspirational Smokey Eyes Most Favorite

The technique of smokey eyes is how to apply the darkest shadow on crease of your eyes. Accentuating the sharpness of the shade by using dark shadow is one of the ways of this makeup technique. Brown smokey eyes is the classic one, but other variant shades are so lovely for every occasion either formal or non formal event. Well, as the references for you in applying it, let’s check these inspirational smokey eyes most favorite.

Brown Smokey Eyes For Beginner


This color is common and very popular because brown is similar to the nude shade that is compatible with almost any color of your outfit.  So, it is recommended for beginner to apply this brown smokey eyes.

Blue Smokey Eyes at Night


This blue smokey eyes makeup is suitable to attend a formal event such as a wedding reception, birthday party at night etc. It will create an impression of glamourous for your look.  

Gold Smokey Eyes for Gorgeous Look


For those of you who like the impression of luxurious look, one of the best choices is gold smokey eyes.  The sparkle of gold mixed with dark brown on the eye angle is so gorgeous.

Purple Smokey Eyes for Distraction


As variant shade, purple is nice for distraction. Applying purple shadow on your eyelid with a little bit of black on your angle eye allow you to have fresh and girly look. The combination of purple, glitter and eyeliner is suitable as the makeup to attending a party.

Black Smokey Eyes


Trying to dare enought to apply this black shade in creating an impression of wider eyes, especilly for women that have slanted eyes. It’s recomended for you.

Natural Smokey Eyes as “Makeup No Makeup”


An application of light brown and nude shade with simple eyeliner and eyelash really creates natural makeup for you.

Green Smokey Eyes Makeup


The next variant shade is green smoke eyes. Thick eyelashes and black on the angle eyes look dramatic and soft at the same time. So pretty!

A Combination of Glittering and Smokey Eyes with Eyeliner


Actually, it accentuates the glitter as the dominant shade with a litte bit of black on the angle and wing eyeliner. It aims to have an elegant and soft makeup. It will be matched with the dress, I mean any dress for the perfect look.

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