32 Fashionable Women Plaid Blazers for Their Formal Looks

Plaid on fashion items is indeed a good choice for those of you who want to look stylish but still classic and do not look excessive in clothes. Combined with a variety of fashion items, plaid is always successful in making you look cool and elegant. And it looks more amazing if this motif is applied to the blazer. Blazer with plaid can make you look cool when you go to the office. Blazers are timeless items, so you must have them.

Not only the model, but blazer maker material must also be considered so that you are more comfortable when wearing it. There is a wool blazer that is similar to suit material, good for you who are required to wear formal clothes when going to the office because wool is made from natural fibers, this type of material is very comfortable to wear. One of the suitable blazer models you can wear is white and black plaid blazers with blue high heels. Blazers are very practical to use, with the right mix and match it will look fashionable and you are ready to go to the office.

Casual Plaid Blazers with black pencil trouser.
Colorful Plaid Blazers with a brown handbag.
Modern Plaid Blazers with a brown sling bag.
Classic plaid blazer and long red pants.
Green and black Plaid Blazers with a yellow top.
White and Black Plaid Blazers with blue high heels.
Small Plaid Blazers with a long black pant.

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Black and gerey tweed blazer with a white top.
Blue plaid blazer with all-white outfit
Grey plaid blazer with leopard pumps.
Blue plaid blazer with a cable knit sweater.
Grey plaid blazer with a white skirt.
Grey plaid blazer with ripped trousers.
Double-breasted plaid blazer with jeans
Grey plaid blazer with trousers jeans.
Pink plaid blazer with long jeans pant.
Small Plaid Blazers with a baseball cap
Tweed checked plaid blazer with a denim shirt.

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Button plaid blazer with a mini skirt.
micro plaid blazer and plaid wide pants.
Orange and Black Plaid Blazers jeans trousers.
Red and black with leopard top.

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Black and cream plaid tweed blazer with a mini skirt.
Black and white fitted military button Plaid Blazers with a mini skirt.
Camel Plaid Blazers with denim belted high waisted jeans.
Double-breasted checked blazer with leather leggings.
Houndstooth jacquard blazer with skinny jeans.
Neck plaid blazer with faux flap-pocket tweed shorts.
Red and cream plaid tweed blazer with a mini skirt.
Dark grey plaid blazers with authentic blue jeans.

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Blazer became one of the favorite fashion items that are synonymous with formal and classic styles. However, blazers are not only worn for the office, but blazers can also be used for an everyday casual look or a walk on weekends. Classic-style checkered blazer is perfect for supporting your casual style. Casual dark green plaid blazers with black pencil trousers suitable for use in the office or can also be used to go with your friends.

For a more formal look but still fashionable, you can combine a plaid blazer with a jeans shirt and a beautiful handbag. Before buying or cursing a blazer, you must ensure that the size of the blazer fits your body. If the blazer does not fit the body, your appearance will not be neat and elegant anymore. Look a little sexy to the office? No need to worry! Pair your oversized blazer with a t-shirt and miniskirt. Another style is to combine a checkered blazer with a midi skirt that has the same motif.

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