Best Halloween Makeup and Dresses in 2019

For many years Halloween has become a festival celebrated by Celtic people. This culture has spread to many other nations around Europe. Nowadays, Halloween is identical with lurid things, such as dreadful makeup and costume. In this festive, children or teenagers are usually wearing “ghost” makeup and costume. Sometimes, they are inspired to copy the costume and makeup by popular characters in some movies. It has many varied styles that really unique and scary. Are you curious about them? Let’s check it out!

Buffalo Horns and Black Wings


Creating unique look by wearing a black dress, black wings and buffalo horns is nice as the Halloween costume.  Don’t forget to take a black bird everywhere you go. Nice, huh!

Dark Dress and Braid Hair


The color is still about black. There is no special costume for this festive, just apply black makeup and dress you’ll have sharp stare to impress everyone.

Fashion and Makeup Fast


The next inspiration you can get from one of characters in the Harley Quinn movie. Black and white combines with maroon will become the best look for you.

Anabelle Dress and Makeup


Anabelle makeup with eyelashes and braid hair is also nice to copy in this season. The dress is not difficult to find. Just try it!

Harry Potter’s School Uniform and Knee Boots


Many people enjoy to read Harry Potter, a popular novel by J.K Rowling. However, Harry Potter’s school uniform is something good to wear for Halloween. When you wear it and hold a stick you’ll look awesome because of it.

Secret Girl Dress and Knee Boots


Makeup for Halloween is not always about heavy makeup and witch costume. Just wearing a red dress with hoodie, knee boots and natural makeup, you’ll look like a secret girl.

Red and Blue of Harley Quinn


The last reference is red and blue of Harley Quinn that really popular among teenagers. The bright color will be a distraction of black which usually becomes a dominant color in Halloween Festival.

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