25 Fabulous Striped Outfits in Various Clothing Styles

Striped outfit has been there in fashion world since a very long time ago. It is really timeless and appropriate to wear till today. Striped outfit is also designed in varied from the top wear to the bottom wear and even the dresses. The good thing of it is that because of the designs variation, you can wear it for any different occasion and events.


Striped dresses commonly made of t-shirt fabric material so that it is really comfortable because of its elastic material. You can wear it to go hang out with your friends, any holiday vacation, or having a date with your mate. For a little bit formal impression, you can add blazer or coat as the layer so that it could be suitable for your formal events.

Horizontal striped pattern dress in dark blue and white striped colors, add your look with bright color heels or open sandals, jewelry, and clutch.
Horizontal striped dress in red and white striped color, combined with brown sling bag, sandals, belt, and hat to make the color really in harmony.
Black and white striped dress that is layered with orange coat to make you look stand out in fall
Wide space striped in black and white colors which is really gorgeous to be combined with denim jacket.
Blue buttoned blazer will also be great to be used as the layer for your black and white striped dress

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Striped skirt has more varied materials where it can be made of elastic t-shirt fabric material and the other expensive fabric so that it will be more flexible in the usage. If you are going to go hang out you can have the t-shirt fabric material, in otherwise if you want to go on certain business events you can have it in expensive fabric one.

Wide range horizontal striped skirt in red and white colors tucked in high-rise knee-length combined with dark blue blouse. Get the extra look with white cream slouchy handbag, golden bracelets, chunky necklace, and glossy nude pumps.
This vertical striped knee-length skirt will be great to create slimmer illusion for your body. Green and white top wear, glasses, and wedge sandals will really match with this vertical striped skirt.
Navy and white striped knee-length skirt combined with blue polka dot in white basic color top for your lounge impression
Pink blazer will really pretty to be combines with blue-white striped high-rise pencil skirt. Wear it for your chic office style.
The high-rise horizontal striped skirt combined with blue shirt and layered with light grey jumper for a really cool look. Add some accessories with sunglasses, blue handbag, and ankle boots.

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Shirts known as the formal outfit where it is commonly wear for any business events, your office outfit, or other formal needs. Anyway, you can still have it to create a casual look by pairing it with casual bottom wear like ripped jeans or you can do it by wearing sneakers as the casual footwear.

Modern blue and white striped shirts in narrow space range combined with printed square skirt, handbag, and red shoes.
This vertical striped pattern in grey and white colors are really cool to be combined with black trousers for your casual look.
Vertical striped shirt in blue and white colors, paired with wide-leg jeans, and white boots, and printed clutch.
Vertical striped shirt in wide space range with blue and white colors which is really fit with white shorts, added with accessories in brown belt, bag, and lace-up high heels to make a good color combination.
Vertical and horizontal striped pattern shirt for your unique outfit that is combined with black casual trousers.

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For the pants, mostly striped is applied in wide leg trousers style. It is related with the stripes that won’t be steady with its pattern if it is cut into the slim fit pants style. Moreover, the vertical striped pants can work well to create slimmer illusion for your body.

Vertical black and white striped wide leg pants which is good to create slimmer illusion, combined with white loose sweater and wedge footwear
This wide leg trousers in vertical black and white striped is really great to create casual look by combining with sneakers
Vertical striped trousers combined with vertical striped shirt to create a very fashionable look
Black and white vertical striped pants paired with black off the shoulder top, black leather jacket and heels to create chic yet trendy outfit
Red and white striped pants in wide leg cut paired white button-down loose shirt, wide brim hat, multi colored bag, and white flat mules for your chic look

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For the striped tees, just like the dresses it is commonly wear for casual look, but it still possible for you to wear it for your formal events by adding layer as your top off outfit after the t-shirt. You can choose whether you to use blazer, jacket, or coat. Simply pick the one that really fit you well.

Casual look with black and white long sleeve striped tees and black skinny pants, added with black jacket, small sling bag, and pumps.
Simple and casual look in black and white striped t-shirt with ripped jeans, airy scarf, and black sling sandals.
Casual striped t-shirt for your casual yet formal look by combining it with dark brown cardigan, heels, and clutch.
Trendy outfit for your hangout clothing style with black and white striped tees, suede skirt, denim jacket, chain sling bag, and glasses.
In harmonious horizontal striped t-shirt and striped cardigan with space range wide striped between them both that is combined with ripped jeans to make you look casual.

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