8 Tips to Have Classy Look at the Office

For your office look, basically you can have some different styles but if you want to have more professional impression, you can choose to have the classy look. It can be really effective to raise up your prestige in front of your boss and your colleague. We all know that for an officer your ability won’t be the only thing to be considered, your appearance will also take an important role.

There are some things that you can do to create your classy look. It won’t only around your outfits and things that you wear but also for your hair and makeup look. Here we have some tips for you in case you are confuse on how to create a really proper classy look for your office needs. You can follow our tips by adjusting with your condition and budgeting plan.


Back laid hairdo in brown color for your classy look. It is really proper to be used in case you are a career woman. With this hairdo, you can create a good impression to your colleague.

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Dress Coat

Dress coat can be one of your choice to create a classy style. This dress is perfect for you to wear in your office. The gray outfit color with patteened buttons will give you an extra look especially the belt that is tied to make a ribbon form. You can always look charming among your colleagues.

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Leather High Heels

Leather high heels can really works well for your classy style. This kinds of shoes is perfect to be used as your fashion complement to go to the office because black high heels with leather material will look fused when combined with any outfit. You can even make your friends at work imitate your style.

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Leather Handbag

Leather handbag is the most proper one for your office bag especially to build classic impression. With a simple and elegant design plus material and color that provide extra luxury for your office outfits. Even with a large size, this leather bag is very suitable and can load your office items more. This accessories is not only for fashion but you can use the benefits of it.

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Expensive Watches

An expensive watch for your classy style. With a very luxurious gold color with it will surely impressive and give you the classy style to make you look awesome around your colleague.

image source

Bright Jewelries

This bright jewelry can be used for your classy accessories. If you want to look beautiful but also look luxurious you can mix your white pearl necklace with your working clothes. This white pearl is quite neutral so that you can combine it with any clothes that you have.

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Neck Scarf

Neck scarf can be added for your classy accessories. This accessories has a small size but a lot of incredible impressions. With black color, this accessories become a beauty enhancer for your office outfits. Small accessories but able to make changes for your whole outfit.

image source

Warm Makeup Look

For a classy look, you don’t need to wear too much makeup. This makeup has a simple impression but looks very elegant with its warm choice colors. The red brick lipstick and brown eye shadow can give you such a beauty makeup look.

image source

The rule of creating a classy look will be on the simplicity with such glorious stuffs. The simplicity here means that you don’t need to wear too much things. Simply wear one or two accessories and simple outfit but choose the right one which are prestige and elegant. Do the same thing for all of the stuffs like bag, shoes, coat, and more.

For the makeup and hairdo, if you look at our pictures above you can notice that the hairdo is also simple but looks really adorable. That is how the simplicity works to create luxurious look. Do the same thing with your makeup. To have the warm look will be the best choice for your classy look since that can bring out the calm and prestigious impression.

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