30 Stylish Winter Street Styles to Keep You Fashionable

In this winter that feels to the bone, people usually appear with the layered outfit so that the body feels warmer. Although they have to wear a lot of layers, they must still look chic and stylish. And you will find people wearing turtle necks, wide-brim hats, high-waist jeans, light-colored trainers, and snow-white outfits. But minimalist look with jeans is still a favorite. Because jeans are easily combined with any item. So even though in winter, you can still look beautiful and eye-catching.

An item that is often used for winter street style is the long coat. Not only make you look fashionable but also give you street casual appearance. In addition, a long coat with or without fur accents will also look attractive when combined with a long sleeve turtleneck and skinny jeans. Then you need to complete the look with a scarf made from knitting to keep it warm. And you also have to wear boots to stay comfortable when hangout with your friends. For example, you can also wear white coat with black ripped jeans dress and black boots.

Gray outer with pink knit headgear, pink knit scarf, white pants and gray shoes
Green t-shirt combines with gray headgear, blue denim pants and brown knee-high boots

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Black leather jacket with pattern skirt and black shoes
Black outer with denim jacket, black t-shirt, denim pants and white high heels
Black white blazer with black shirt and white pants
Brown furry coat with white shirt, black pants and black high boots
Brown outer with high boots
Denim jacket with beige t-shirt, pattern skirt and black boot
Plaid pattern blazer with black t-shirt and pattern plants
Leopard pattern coat with black pants and brown high boot
Long black leather jacket with black t-shirt, light green skirt and black high heels
Long brown blazer with a gray sweater, and blue pants
Long brown leather outer with black pants and white shoes
Long brown outer with white t-shirt, black pants and red flat shoes
Long pattern blazer with blue denim pants and black shoes
Long pink blazer with gray t-shirt, pink skirt and white boots
Long plaid gray blazer with long red dress and white boots
Long white blazer with black dress and white shoes
orange blazer combine with black t-shirt and black pants
Red blazer with white t-shirt, red shirt and red high heels
Whitecoat with black ripped jeans dress and black boots
White furry jacket with beige sweater, orange pants and high heels
White sweater with black leather skirt and white shoes
Yellow blazer combine with yellow t-shirt, yellow skirt and white high heels

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Black blazer with black scarf, black pants and black boots
Black blazer with gray headgear, black t-shirt, black pants and pattern shoes
Black furry coat with black pants and black boots
Black outer with red scarf, black pants and black boots
Blue denim pants and plaid scarf, black pants and black shoes
brown blazer with gray shirt, black pants and black shoes

image source

Blazer is not only used for work but a fashion item that can be used in all activities. Furthermore, using a blazer can make users look more casual but still relaxed. And blazer with oversized sleeves can make you look stylish, especially by using the inner turtleneck. Indeed your looks are even more optimal with a motif skirt, white boots, and a black handbag. As an example, use a basic brown blazer, with a pink dress as a blazer inner. So this look makes you look simple but still stylish.

The weather is too cold but can not stop us from appearing fashionable. And we have to be smart in our mix and match outfits to make it look cool. But don’t worry about looking excessive when using outfits that are piled up in winter. In addition to avoiding cold, layering techniques or stacking clothes is not a new thing in the world of fashion. And this is a great way to instantly look more fashionable.

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