10 Proper Coat Ideas to Wear this Winter

For your fashionable look, you can choose some proper coats that can cover your styling needs in winter. Because in winter the weather will be so much colder than fall, so that coat is a must for you. Moreover, coat is really flexible to match with any kind of clothing. Let’s say from the denim pants, legging, wide leg trousers, and more. Even more it could be used to create whether casual or chic look.

Basically you might have been familiar with coats, but to help you generalize the style we have compile some gorgeous coat designs. The following coats that we serve below are the examples. Each of the coat has its own characteristic as you can choose the one that fit with your personality. Again, don’t forget to match the coat with the events that you are going to attend.

Cape Coat

A short red cape coat that looks beautiful. Furry hood that covering the head gives you additional warm feeling. The grey boots here will give you a cool impression for your style combination.

Brown cape coat combined with a charming feathered scarf. A simple black and white striped shirt and blue denim pants that look really gorgeous. The brown knee boots that looks really harmonious with the coat.

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Wrap Coat

Wrap coat in plaid pattern looks really modern. Especially for its white and black color that really represent the style. Finish your look with high knee boots in dark gray color which is very modern.

image source

Wrap coat with colorful pattern in a very beautiful purple color. Blue denim pants that look simple and the dark brown high-heels to make you look pretty.

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Puffer Coat

Long white puffer coat with an attractive furry hoodie. It is combined with blue jeans and black over the knee boots. You can wear it when the snow is falling because this outfit is absolutely warm.

image source

A fabulous short brown puffer coat combined with white polka dot blouse. The black ripped denim pants here used to make you look casual. Don’t forget to add it with sneakers to strengthen the casual impression.

image source

Reefer Coat

Red reefer coat with silver buttons to be the coat accessories. The white sweater here beside to add the warm feeling, it is also the compliment for your style. Combine the black pants with your black boots to make you look more awesome.

This reefer coat has brown color that looks elegant. Coupled with a simple black T-shirt and a black belt as the additional accessories. The black pants and the black leather boots will make it looks cool.

image source

Buttoned Coat

The buttons on this coat is really unique. Combine it with brown striped T-shirt and a short blue denim skirt that looks simple. Add with hat for more stylish look.

image source

Long green buttoned coat that looks beautiful. Combined with an elegant black sweater, white pants that make you more stylish, and fabulous white high heels

image source

Considering the material that you can choose, simply adjust it with the weather. In case the weather is really cold and the snow is falling, the puffer coat will be the best choice. It is because puffer has the most warm material compared with the others. In otherwise, if you think that the weather is not that cold, then choosing the wool is enough for you.

Moreover, if you want the unique one, you can choose the cape coat. It has the uniqueness on its sleeve. Although you can’t wear it when the snow is falling, but you can still have it as your winter coat. Simply wear it when the weather is quite conducive. Wear it as your hang out outfit since it has chill impression.

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