33 Cool Casual Winter Outfit to Go Hang Out

Entering the final months of this year, it means that winter is very close to us. Even though, it is cold, freezing and snowy air in the coming months, but we have to enjoy it. Season changes besides bringing a different atmosphere also bring different fashion styles. So,in the winter people will prefer to wear thick and closed clothes. The goal is to make their bodies feel warmer because of the cold air that pierces the bones.

That is why, there are many types of winter clothes to choose from. However, this article will explain more about casual style that you can use to hang out or just go for a walk. Following to that, women usually look for clothes that are easy to wear. Because, in this winter people usually will wear layers of clothing so that they make them look fuller and seem less stylish. The pictures below might be your reference in dressing.

Blue jacket with red t-shirt, blue ripped denim pants and brown shoes
Gray blazer with plaid scarf, white headgear and denim pants
Long beige blazer with gray sweater, blue denim pants and white snickers shoes

image source

Black blazer with pattern scarf, ripped denim pants and white shoes
Blue jacket with plaid shirt, blue denim pants and brown boots
Brown blazer with black headgear, stripped t-shirt, blue denim pants and black boots
Leopard pattern furry jacket with black t-shirt, blue denim pants and black shoes
Long black blazer combine with white t-shirt, blue ripped denim pants and beige shoes
Long black blazer with brown sweater, blue denim pants and black shoes
Long black blazer with denim pants and black shoes
Long black blazer with white sweater, blue jeans and flat shoes
Long green blazer with black shirt, denim pants and red high heels
Long leopard pattern furry jacket with white t-shirt, blue ripped denim pants and black boots
Long white blazer with stripped t-shirt, blue denim pants and black shoes
Pink blazer with white shirt, blue deinm pants and pink shoes
Pink furry jacket with gray denim pants and black boots

image source

Dark gray sweater combine with blue ripped denim pants and brown shoes
Gray blazer combine with knit scarf, pink headgear, white pants and gray shoes
Light blue jacket with white denim pants and gray shoes
Pattern sweater with white headgear, blue ripped denim pants and brown shoes
Plaid sweater with gray knit headgear, blue denim pants and brown knee boots

image source

Beige outer with beige hat, black sweater, black pants and black shoes
Black leather jacket with red heat, leopard t-shirt, ripped denim pants and red shoes
Black outer with white scarf, blue t-shirt, black pants and white shoes
Blue outer with plaid scarf, white sweater, blue ripped denim pants and gray shoes
Brown leather jacket with stripped t-shirt, blue ripped denim pants and leopard high heels
Gray outer with plaid skirt, black pants and black boots
Long brown blazer with plaid sweater, ripped denim pants and black boots
Long gray outer with gray sweater, denim pants and black high heels
Red blazer with plaid scarf, denim pants and black shoes
Red sweater with plaid shirt, blue ripped denim pants and black high heels
Stripped shirt with beige scarf, black ripped denim pants and brown shoes
White sweater with black pants and black shoes

Furthermore, from the picture above we can see that the use of timeless fashion items is the best choice. Because, these types of clothes can be used in several seasons. Such as, long denim pants, coat, jacket and sweater. In addition, for other additional accessories you can wear boots either long or short, knit headgear to avoid cold head and scarf. Denim pants are chosen because these pants are not too thick and still comfortable to wear, the use of a coat and jacket are chosen to protect the body from the cold as well as the selection in accordance with the trend will make you more confident.

In addition, these outfit items can bring a casual look. Like mix and match denim pants with denim jackets coupled with other accessories such as knit headgear and boots. Or, if you like the casual style that is more mature and neat, just combine your coat with jeans and sweaters. Moreover, for shoes selection, shoes should be able to protect your feet from the slippery road. But if you feel it’s not stylish, you can use your heels.

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