8 Inspirational Smokey Eyes Most Favorite

The technique of smokey eyes is how to apply the darkest shadow to crease of your eye. Accentuating the sharpness of the shade around the eyelides by using dark shadow is one of the ways of this makeup technique. Brown smokey eyes is the classic one, but other variant shades are so lovely for every occasion either formal or non formal event. Well, as the references for you in applying it, let’s check these inspirational smokey eyes most favorite.

Trendiest Winter Outfits for Girls

When the winter comes, people are usually in their comfy clothes to keep them warm. Long coat with beanie and thick knit sweater could be the best outfit in the winter. Going out with friends and enjoy the day by wearing a perfect combination of the outfit will make you more comfortable. Well, for those of you who are confused about how to combine them, just scroll down to get the references of the trendiest outfit for the winter below. Let’s check it out!

How to Style Girl’s T-shirt to Look Nice

There are some girls like to wear T-shirts for outdoor activities. It is because of comfort that allows them to move freely while doing activities. Wearing a T-shirt can also identical with youth. Therefore, shirts will be your best outfit to look nice and energetic. In this post, there are some pictures that might inspire you to style T-shirt with jeans, skirts or leggings. Let’s check it out!

Best Men’s Fashion for Romantic Dinner

Romantic dinner with your couple is something special to do. Moreover, it can be a nice way to propose your girl to marry you. Talk about romantic dinner, it’s not only about the tasty food on the table. There is something important to consider for romantic dinners, that is the outfit. As special moment, best look is required as well. So far, suit is the most common fashion for men in attending a romantic dinner with their couple, but the combination of T-shirt with a blazer is also good to result casual look. For the references, there are celebrity fashion style for romantic dinner you can copy. Just scroll down!

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