2019 Fashion Inspirations with Living Coral Color

Pantone, which is a company with color standards used throughout the world, released a color that is predicted to be booming in 2019, namely living coral. This blend of orange, gold and red colors reflects softness, optimism and joy for the wearer. Living coral which is a coral reef is considered as a natural color […]

Popular Men’s Shoes Models that You Must Have

Do men only wear sneakers? That’s so last year! There are several types of men’s shoes that you should have so that you look more complete and cool. Starting from the most standard type of shoes to shoes that you might have never seen before. Below are some shoe recommendations that you should collect to […]

Popular Men’s Shoes Types that You Must Have

Shoes are one of the must-have fashion items. Besides being useful for protecting the feet, shoes can also increase the level of appearance. The shoes you wear will determine what your overall appearance looks like. The following are some types of shoes that men must have. Sneakers Source You must have these shoes because you […]

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