48 Best Leather Jacket Clothing Ideas for Men

Activewear has also grow to be a big and rising market. Religious clothing may be considered a unique case of occupational clothing. Fast fashion clothing has also turn into a worldwide phenomenon. Needless to say, there are various distinct varieties of leather jackets. If you’re a brief guy, don’t pick a jacket that’s so long […]

Men’s Fashion Tips to Make You Look Thinner

The thing you need to pay attention to in dressing is that the clothes must fit in your body and look attractive. There are several ways that are of particular concern when choosing clothes that are suitable for fat men. Check it out! Use Clothes that Fit on The Body source The most appropriate size […]

Men’s Fashion Tips to Make You Taller

For you who lack confidence in your short body, you don’t need to take medicine or buy a tool to elevate your body. The dress tricks below can make your body look ideal. Check it out! Use Shoes with Thick Base source  If women have high heels, men have high-top sneakers and boots. Shoes that […]

Best Outfit Style Inspirations in Oscar 2019

At the 2019 Oscars Celebrities use fashionable clothing from the world’s best designers. There are those who carry a new style and some apply the old school style. From beautiful pinks to charming ruffles, Femalinea has summarized some of the best fashion styles from world artists at the 2019 Oscar. Domination of Pink source One […]

Best Biker Fashion Inspirations for Men

Do you want to get a masculine but fashionable look? Maybe the fashion style of biker can be your reference to get that look. Below are some inspirations of the men’s fashion biker style that you can emulate to get the look of the most suitable biker style for you! Biker all-black style source The […]

Best Men’s Fashion in Milan Fashion Week 2019

Men’s fashion are also important like women’s fashion. Men also have to pay attention to their outfit style. In this article Femalinea will provide a summary of some of the trends in the Spring / Summer collection. Here are some trends in the Milan Spring / Summer collection. Check it out! Crop trousers source In […]

Best Paris Men’s Fashion Trends in 2019

Paris fashion has always been a long-awaited moment for fashion activists, because what else is it if not the location of the event which is in the center of world fashion. This time, world-class designers are showing their talents in creating trends through their latest collections. Starting from the black color that re-rule the runway, […]

Most Popular Cardigan Types for Men

When the weather is cold, cardigans are the most suitable item to use. Besides being warm, cardigans can also make the appearance more stylish without having to look too closed. Here are some male cardigan models that you must have for maximum appearance. Belted Cardigan source Belted cardigans are usually long in size and have […]

Most Popular Men’s Fashion Trends in 2019

Look cool and fashionable not only about the appearance of women, but also men can even appear with the right choice of fashion items. In 2019, some old fashion items are starting to hit again and several new trends are also emerging. Come on, see and check the various predictions of the booming male fashion […]

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