Women’s Fashion Trends that will Skyrocket in 2019

In 2019, Femalinea have been able to predict one or more fashion items that will be famous and popular among fashion lovers. From accessories to clothing that will make your appearance more charming. Bold Earrings source Leave the hula-hoop switch earrings with super-large earrings with geometric shapes to abstract even though they will look cool […]

Newest Women’s Fashion Style Inspirations in 2019

In 2019, you no longer need to look for inspiration about what’s booming. Only with three objects, namely gadgets, Instagram social media accounts and curiosity. You can already know which fashion items are trending right now. Instagram as a social media is the most widely used platform to search for all information from history, which […]

2019 Women’s Fashion Inspirations for Smart Mom

In 2019, paying attention to fashion is very important because the needs of the community are beginning to increase according to individual tastes. Starting from clothing, technology, food and others. Today’s clothing models are needed by all people from children to adults. There will always be the latest trend in women’s clothing changing every year. […]

Bold Makeup Style Inspirations for Office Look

Make up bold identical to a special display for special events. Actually this makeup style can also be applied to daily activities or when going to the office. You can mix bold makeup with an outfit that suits your taste. The following make up styles that can be applied while working so that your appearance […]

Types of High Heels that You Must Know

Have you ever tried to count how many high heels you have? For fans, this type of shoe can give a feminine, sexy and glamorous look. But because they call it too often with the word high heels, but apparently this type of shoe has a variety of different types. What are the types? Check […]

Most Popular Women’s Handbags in 2019

As we know that the fashion world is not lonely. And from the furor of the past four weeks, we can also conclude that the trend of these handbags will dominate. Here are some types of handbags that are a trend and popular in 2019. Hold-at-the-hip Tote source The trend of this one bag requires […]

Best Women’s Bag Inspirations for Spring 2019

Some of the bag trends below represent some of the boldest accessories this season. This is not just an everyday style but offers a way to make statements with unique details such as feathers or shoelaces and unexpected silhouettes. Check it out! Handbag as a necklace source For spring 2019, designers focus only on the […]

Most Unique and Strange Beauty Trends of the Year

This year’s beauty trend hasn’t changed much. Femalinea has collected some strange and unique trends, but you can still apply them in everyday makeup. Check it out! Hair of Queen Elizabeth source Hairdresser Paul Hanlon juggles the models’ hair into curly with gravity-fighting bouffant style that pays homage to the late queen’s iconic style, complete […]

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