Smart Fashion Tips for Chinese New Year Event

When you celebrate Chinese new day, there are many things that must be prepared. Starting from the concept of the event, food, and all-round clothing that will make the CNY celebration more festive. Appearance is always a concern, including celebrating CNY. In order not to make a wrong style, you can sample some of the […]

Most Important Women’s Fashion Items in 2019

Today women’s appearance is certainly different when compared to 10 years ago. The difference can be seen from the way women combine clothes to make them look more catchy and fashionable. Today’s women can be said to be more detailed when buying clothes and fashion accessories. Here are some clothes that women must have to […]

Amazing Women’s Fashion Trends in 2019

In 2019 you have to be more creative in choosing and using clothes as your daily prophecy. In this article Femalinea will give you some inspiration for women’s fashion that is popular in 2019. Check it out! Oversized Hats source This year, oversized hat models will return hits. Just look at the wide and flexible […]

Best Women’s Outfit Inspirations for 2019

In 2019, many fashion styles have re-adopted the style in the past. But there are also new trends that follow the modern style. Some designers have experimented trying to make the best design. So check it out! Oversized hat source Oversized hat or wide hat has flooded Instagram feed lately. This hat, often called the […]

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