Best Ways to Look Luxury with Low Budget

Everyone wants to look cool and make themselves the center of attention in the public space. To appear classy and luxurious does not always have to be expensive! You just follow the fashion tips below for a classy look at minimal costs! Collection of Clothes with Neutral and Soft Colors  source The key to classy […]

Best Hairpin Models from Famous Celebrities

You might find a variety of hair clips, hairpins, and diamond-decorated pins in every women’s accessory gallery. Hair clips can add chic shades instantly to the everyday look style. Hair clips for women have always been an attractive fashion trend. Here are some inspirational fashion hairpins from famous female celebrities. Hudrey Hepburn source In a […]

Best Outfit Style Inspirations in Oscar 2019

At the 2019 Oscars Celebrities use fashionable clothing from the world’s best designers. There are those who carry a new style and some apply the old school style. From beautiful pinks to charming ruffles, Femalinea has summarized some of the best fashion styles from world artists at the 2019 Oscar. Domination of Pink source One […]

Smart Tips to Make Long Lasting Makeup

The amount of activity sometimes makes women touch up. There are some tips that you can do to get the results of long lasting makeup, especially for those of you who have oily faces. Check it out! Face Oil Paper source  If you have oily skin types, don’t forget to always provide oil cartons, this […]

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