Best Combinations of Ultraviolet Outfits for Women

Color of the year in 2019 from Pantone is ultraviolet color. Pantone reveals that the selection of dark purple aims to portray authenticity, intelligence, and visionary thinking. For those of you who like purple, you definitely don’t want to be left behind to follow the color trend style in 2019. This time Femalinea will give […]

Popular Men’s Shoes Types that You Must Have

Shoes are one of the must-have fashion items. Besides being useful for protecting the feet, shoes can also increase the level of appearance. The shoes you wear will determine what your overall appearance looks like. The following are some types of shoes that men must have. Sneakers Source You must have these shoes because you […]

Business Casual Shoes for Woman to Look Stylish and Chic

Shoes can dramatically change someone attire just in minutes. Take a look at how red shoes upgrade your monotonous business style and attract people eyes brilliantly. However, be careful to mix and match yours business style with various shoes. Make sure it will not make you look annoying later. Here, you need to look deeper what shoes will makes you appear stylish at office. Just prepare oxford shoes, Chelsea boots, or loafers and other recommended shoes for business style as follows;

How To Style Platform Shoes That Dramatically Change Women’s Look

Women fashion tends to changes almost any time. There are lots of new styles that can inspire women to change their look every day. One of the most interesting fashion styles to follow is about footwear. Whether sandals or shoes, they are always look sophisticated to change women appearance. Like how they wear platform shoes below that dramatically upgrade their style.

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